Noosa Rocks Right.jpg

Landscape Photography Competition


In anticipation of the UQ Music and Arts Fiesta (21 September), the UQ Photography Society challenges you to submit your best Landscape Photography! Winner gets a BIG secret prize!



- The main focus of the image should be based upon a LANDSCAPE

- Photoshop and Lightroom are permitted! They play important roles in touching up images, so don’t be afraid to try learn how to use these. However, the original base photograph must have been captured by the person who is submitting it

- Get creative with photographing equipment! All devices and photo styles are allowed

- One submission allowed per photographer





Winning images will be presented at the Music and Arts Fiesta, with a shoutout to the photographer’s preferred platform to help raise their exposure, so make sure to submit your best! 1st Place will also get a BIG photography-related prize!

We will close this competition shortly prior to the Fiesta, in order to choose our favourites.